Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Year of the Tiger: May 2010

It's comic convention time, so here are some comic and cartoon tigers: Tygra, Tigra, Shere Khan and Hobbes.

Monday, 24 May 2010

Small Press Expo 2010

We were back at the Small Press Expo in Bristol this year. This time it was on all weekend, instead of just the Saturday.

Again, the convention was split over two hotels - the mainstream comics in the Ramada, and the small press and independents in the Holland Mercure, although Nintendo had a display in the Mercure too. I think the Mercure is the better of the two venues; it's bright, with actual windows, and the air conditioning makes it nice and cool - just the thing for a hot and sunny weekend (although it got a bit too cool and slightly chilly in there!). We were also staying in the Mercure this year which was very convenient, especially as we missed the Friday evening set up time due to a delayed train. Certainly, our room was very nice.

Sales wise, on Saturday we managed about as well as we did last year, which was okay. Sunday was a much quieter day, but we managed to shift a few things.


Bristol SPExpo 2010

SPExpo time is over.
MCMExpo time is now.

Friday, 14 May 2010

Convention time

It's time for the summer comics conventions, and naturally, I'm leaving everything to the last minute to get ready. Not to worry too much, though, I've already got my tables booked so I can sit back and relax until two days before I have to leave. And then the panic sets in.

So where am I going?

Small Press Expo - May 21-23. The Bristol Comic Expo has split into two parts, the mainstream comics event in the Ramada and the Small Press Expo in the Holland Mercure. Naturally, I'll be in the SPExpo all weekend, sharing a table with Square Eyed Stories.

And one week later is London MCM Expo - May 29-30 - where I will again be sharing with SES.

I'll have copies of Bahala Na! 09 on sale, as well as back issues and other comics.